Asian Divorce Procedure

Although the Divorce procedure is exactly the same as in the Divorce section of this site, some individuals will require a religious divorce alongside their Divorce under English Law.

The factors that are considered in such cases are complex and often fraught with family pressures on both the individuals that are separating.

These pressures can be cultural, emotional, financial, religious or a combination of all of these.

It is important to understand the community within which the individual lives and ensure that the matter is conducted with sensitivity to these issues.

There may be a number of family members that have made financial contributions towards the purchase of the matrimonial home and when the marriage is no longer in existence, they seek that this money should be repaid to them.

There are also considerations such as dowry considerations where cultural naivety on the part of the solicitor can cost the parties dearly.

Talvinder has many years of experience in providing legal services to the Asian community within Leeds and throughout West Yorkshire.

Talvinder has the knowledge to be able to obtain the relevant documentation and decipher the information required to ensure that the parties reach a financial settlement that is both legally binding and also preserves their integrity and honours any agreement that may have been reached at the time of the marriage.

Asian Divorce Service

* Fluent in Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu

* Awareness of cultural issues

* Highly experienced in asian divorces

* Accredited Specialist in Family Law

* Aware of international property issues

* Deal with the Shari’a Council

* Negotiate Financial Settlements

* Arrange interpreters

* Arrange translations of documents

* Consider the issues of the Dowry

* Cultural and religious sensitivity

-The Resolution - First for Family Law The Resolution Solicitors Regulation Authority


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Leeds Family Law Specialisms - Click on the links for detailed information


In order to start the Divorce either the Husband or Wife must issue the Divorce Petition through the local County Court. The taking of such action signifies that one of the parties has come to the conclusion that the marriage has ended. For detailed information on the Divorce procedure please click the link above.


One of the major concerns in any relationship breakdown is where the children will live and how contact with both parents will take place. Our Resolution accredited Solicitor will endevour to resolve children disputes with a co-operative and constructive approach. Please click the above link for detailed information.


Alongside the breakdown of a relationship there is often the question of how the famiy home will be occupied, who will be responsible for payments of the mortgage and how this will be maintained whilst final settlements are negotiated. Our Solicitor is recognised as a specialist provider of advice in this area.

Domestic Abuse

Any behaviour that you find threatening or intimidating is unacceptable and you do not have to put up with this. Our Solicitor is an accredited Resolution specialist in the area of Domestic Abuse and has represented both men and women secure protective orders to prevent such behaviour.

Unmarried Couples

Many people believe that if they have lived with each other for a number of years without marriage they have the same protection and legal rights as a married couple. However, these rights are not aquired automatically and on the breakdown of this relationship many are left without any legal protection.

Collaborative Law

The aim of the collaborative law process is to avoid going to court with the emphasis being on trying to work things out by meeting with your partner and their lawyer face to face. As your lawyer is with you throughout the process a settlement can be reached this way. Our Solicitor will be able to offer this service from November 2011.

Asian Aspects to Divorce

Our Solicitor has extensive experience dealing with clients who have married outside of the UK. We have knowledge of marriages that have taken place in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. If you are a UK citizen and you have married in one of the above countries and now want a Divorce then please click the link above for further information.

Civil Partnerships

From December 2004 it has been possible for same sex couples in the UK to register a Civil Partnership. The rights aquired by the couple entering into this arrangement are almost the same as those of a married couple. For further information on your rights in relation to financial and children matters please click the link above.

Article on Dowry in the UK


Many will read this title and the immediate response would be "doesn't happen in the UK". Unfortunately, this is a misconception and the giving of dowry is an ingrained practice that takes place at almost every Asian wedding. More...

Article on Domestic Violence


The definition agreed by the Government in 2004 of violence against men and women is "any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse {psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional} between adults who are or have been intimate partners or family members , regardless of gender or sexuality". More...

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